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Patients of the clinic are provided with a full range of services for dental medicine

Welcome to the Dent Care Dental Clinic in Koothattukulam. We are proud to deliver excellent care to our patients. You will appreciate the soothing and relaxing atmosphere we have provided in our clinic. You can rest assured that your dental care is properly performed while you remain safe and comfortable. We will strive to make your visit easy and enjoyable, ensuring a pleasant experience. You can relax by watching TV or listening to your favorite music.

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We provide wide Range of Treatments

At Dent Care Dental Clinic, we believe in promoting a culture of excellence among Us. We are committed to be the best in our profession as dental care professionals through the pursuit of continuing education, training and experience. This commitment is deeply entrenched in our corporate values of customer service and quality. We believe that our ability to satisfy and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations is the foundation of our business and that the only way we can establish long lasting business relationships with our patients will be based on the quality of dental services we provide and our integrity as dental care professionals.


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