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Dental Jewellery

Tooth jewellery, a cosmetic dental procedure where a diamond or a stone is attached to the teeth is gaining utmost importance with increasing awareness among people .

Tooth Gems and Dazzlers are the different types of tooth jewel available in the market . Tooth Gems include Skyce and Sapphire crystals, both are high quality tooth jewels, but Skyce put an extra sparkle into every smile with its clear crystals whereas Sapphire possesses white or blue crystals. Dazzlers are the tooth jewels which are specially designed to be bonded to the tooth with its patented backside like an orthothontic bracket which makes them lasts longer. Twinkles are pure gold with precious stones like diamond, sapphires and rubies . Dental crystals are glass mounted on a thin foil of aluminium to establish an attractive smile although the bonding here is not as durable as in tooth gems, but can easily last for six months. A variety of shapes are available in the market like diamond, star, triangle, droplet, heart and round shape.



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