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Made from a mixture of glass and an organic acid, glass ionomer cement is a tooth-coloured filling material available in different shades. It requires minimum tooth reduction and bonds chemically to the tooth. It is used for filling and cementing. It is also used as a dental sealant. Due to its fluoride releasing property and requirement of less tooth preparation, it is the material of choice for filling cavities in milk teeth. It generally lasts for less than five years.
Used for:
Used for filling anterior teeth, teeth abrasions near the gum in posterior (back) teeth and fillings in young children. They are also used to cement inlays and crowns.
  • They bond chemically to the teeth.
  • Release fluoride which helps to prevent decay.
  • Excellent for permanently cementing veneers, crowns, bridges, etc.
  • They are not as strong as composites.
  • Colour matching of teeth is not as good as composites.
  • They are susceptible to wear and are prone to fracture.